Strategic Priorities

Geoscience Australia's work program is delivered through six key strategic priority areas:

Building Australia's Resource Wealth
To maximise benefits from Australia's mineral and energy resources, now and into the future

Supporting Australia's Community Safety
To increase resilience to natural hazards in Australian communities

Securing Australia's Water Resources
To help drive optimal and sustainable use of Australia's groundwater resources

Managing Australia's Marine Jurisdictions
To maximise benefits from the sustainable use of Australia's marine environment

Creating a Location-enabled Australia
To understand the location and timing of processes, activities and changes across Australia to inform decision making for both natural and built environments

Enabling an Informed Australia
To maintain an enduring and accessible knowledge base and capability to enable evidence-based policy and decision making by government, industry and the community

What are our Values

  • Impartial: Provide impartial evidence based advice and information that is relevant and timely and based on the best available science.
  • Committed to service: Be innovative, behave professionally, operate efficiently and work collaboratively to achieve excellence.
  • Accountable: Take ownership of work and personal actions, and be transparent and accountable.
  • Respectful: Value everyone by showing respect, support, encouragement and inclusiveness.
  • Ethical: Demonstrate leadership, acting with integrity, trust and ethical intent.

For Australian Government APS values please visit the Australian Public Service Commission website.

History of our achievements

Value to the Nation
Value to the Nation presents Geoscience Australia's long history of achievements which are fundamental to Australia's growth and development