New Releases

Listing of some of Geoscience Australia's most recent releases.

Product TitleRelease Date
Enhanced gravity and magnetic grids for Northern AustraliaSeptember 2019
Report on the Analysis of the Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) GPS Campaign 2018September 2019
Iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) mineral potential assessment for the Tennant Creek – Mt Isa region: geospatial dataSeptember 2019
East Tennant Gravity Survey P201901, NT, 2019September 2019
The 2018 National Seismic Hazard Assessment (NSHA) - Derived Geo-spatial ProductSeptember 2019
Treaty with Timor-Leste - Australian Maritime BoundariesSeptember 2019
Triassic petroleum systems on the central North West Shelf – Learnings from the Greater Phoenix area seismic mapping and geochemical studiesSeptember 2019
Earthquakes Preparedness Sheet (2019)September 2019
Geoscience Australia at NT Resources Week – Uncovering East TennantSeptember 2019
Bathymetry of Bremer Marine ParkSeptember 2019
Triassic Horizon Grids, Isochron Grids, and Fault Maps, Central North West ShelfSeptember 2019
L208 Southeast Lachlan Seismic Survey 2018September 2019
Prospective hydrogen production regions of AustraliaSeptember 2019
Prospective hydrogen production regions of Australia - geospatial outputsSeptember 2019
Kimberley Marine Park 30 m bathymetry and derived Morphological SurfacesSeptember 2019
2018 Lidar and Imagery Nulla Basalt ProvinceAugust 2019
Organic Geochemical Data Release for Phoenix South 1 ST2 oils, Bedout Sub-basin, AustraliaAugust 2019
Beagle Marine Park bathymetry data 2018August 2019
Beagle Marine Park backscatter data 2018August 2019
Petroleum Source Rock and Fluids Atlas - Onshore And Offshore WMSAugust 2019
Petroleum Source Rock and Fluids Atlas - Onshore And Offshore WFSAugust 2019
Petroleum Source Rock Atlas Database - Onshore and OffshoreAugust 2019
New SHRIMP U–Pb zircon ages from the South Nicholson Basin, Mount Isa Province and Georgina Basin, Northern Territory and QueenslandAugust 2019
Surface Reflectance Euclidean, Spectral and Bray-Curtis Median Absolute Deviation 2.1.0August 2019
Sensitivity of Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment to Far-Field Earthquake Slip Complexity and Rigidity Depth-Dependence: Case Study of AustraliaAugust 2019
Source rock geochemistry of the Isa Superbasin and South Nicholson Basin, Northern Australia: Baseline regional hydrocarbon prospectivityAugust 2019
Davis Multibeam Survey 2016/17, Antarctica (GA-0357/AAP 5093) - High Resolution Backscatter GridAugust 2019
Joseph Bonaparte Gulf 30 m bathymetry and derived Morphological SurfacesAugust 2019
Seafloor Bathymetry of Perth Canyon Marine ParkAugust 2019
Seafloor bathymetry of the Gifford Marine ParkAugust 2019
Exploring for the Future - Source rock geochemistry of Northern Australia: Data release 1: Total organic carbon (TOC) and Rock-Eval pyrolysis of samples from the South Nicholson Basin and Isa Superbasin, QueenslandAugust 2019
Resistivity model derived from magnetotellurics: AusLAMP-TISA projectAugust 2019
2018 National Tropical Cyclone Hazard Assessment Web ServiceAugust 2019
Onshore Seismic Surveys WMSAugust 2019
Onshore Seismic Surveys MapServerAugust 2019
2018 National Tropical Cyclone Hazard Assessment Data- Derived Geo-spatial ProductAugust 2019
Depth to pre-Neoproterozoic rocks between Tennant Creek and Mt. Isa – A preliminary modelAugust 2019