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Aerial Photography - Flight Line Diagrams

Aerial photography is recorded on flight line diagrams, which show; aircraft paths, the centre of the photos in relation to ground features, and film reference numbers. Use Geoscience Australia's online catalogue of flight line diagrams to select your photos.

ARGUS - Airborne Surveys Database

A useful tool to discover the airborne geophysical survey coverage of Australia.

As the Cocky Flies

As the Cocky Flies will calculate the distance between two places in Australia. This query searches the Gazetteer of Australia 2008 Release, which is a compilation of over 310 000 geographic names in Australia provided by members of the Committee for Geographic Names in Australasia.


The national AUSGeoid09 grid file, state files and 1:250,000 map sheet files can be downloaded from Geoscience Australia's ftp server. These files can be used to compute AHD heights in real time when used in Real Time Kinematic GNSS receivers.

AUSPOS - Online GPS Processing Service

AUSPOS is an online GPS data processing facility provided by Geoscience Australia and takes advantage of both The IGS Stations Network and the IGS product range. AUSPOS works with data collected anywhere on Earth

Australia-wide Total Magnetic Intensity Variability

Using data from the six Australian continental magnetic observatories, a contour display of the rate-of-change of magnetic total intensity, F, over the continent is shown below. This provides a broad view of how F changes across Australia. The units shown on the contours are in nanoTesla per hour. The grey squares indicate the locations of the magnetic observatories. Both real-time and historic data can be displayed in this format. All maps are generated from a period of 15 minutes of observatory data and available at 15 minute intervals.

Australian Flood Risk Information Portal

Search the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal and access the data entry application for the Australian Flood Studies Database. The portal provides a central point of access to published flood studies and the associated spatial data.

Australian Fundamental Gravity Network

Web delivery system to provide locality description and images of AFGN stations to the general public.

Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field Values

An application to calculate geomagnetic field values in Australia using the 2010 Australian Geomagnetic Reference Field model (AGRF) model.

Australian Mines Atlas

The Australian Atlas of Mineral Resources, Mines, and Processing Centres.

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