Teacher Programs

Geoscience Australia knows that helping teachers to better understand and teach the earth sciences will lead to better experiences for budding science and geography students. Throughout the year Geoscience Australia hosts earth science related programs and events for teachers. These initiatives focus on the skills and knowledge needed to teach geoscience topics within the Australian National Curriculum.

Three teachers explaining a model they have created with a piece of paper, skewers and beads to describe earthquake depth.

Teachers investigating the depth of earthquakes during a professional learning session.

The next TESEP professional learning sessions hosted at Geoscience Australia are scheduled for Monday 7 December (Our Place in Space) and Tuesday 8 December 2020 (Rocks and 3D Visualisations).

The ‘Our Place in Space’ workshop provides an opportunity to:
* Discuss common conceptions/misconceptions about the movement of the Earth in space
* Investigate concepts related to our Earth in the solar system
* Try engaging hands-on activities for use in your classroom
* Discuss common conceptions/ misconceptions children have regarding space /science
* Discuss why the Earth is special - comparing the geology of Earth and Mars

On 8 December, the morning will focus on rocks and the afternoon will examine 3D visualisations.

The Rocks workshop examines the rock cycle and places it in the context of plate tectonics, geological time and dynamic earth processes, including climate change. Exploration of minerals, ores and mining are put in context.

3D visualisation is a technology that enables teachers and students to access 3D imagery of geological features. Virtual field trips around Australia and viewing high standard specimens are now possible! Workshop participants will be shown how to view and manipulate the imagery to see outcrops, rocks, mineral and fossils in 3D. Participants will learn how to teach their students the process of collecting data from the imagery and how to label images to demonstrate their geological understanding. Classroom ready worksheets will also be available for participants.


The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) runs professional learning sessions across the country. For further information about programmes in your state visit https://tesep.org.au. In Western Australia similar sessions are available from Earth Science Western Australia see http://www.earthsciencewa.com.au/.